Friday, January 5, 2024

December contest results + news

 Hi all and A Happy and Profitable New Year!

1. December best promoter contest


 1st - Dorothea - won $5

2nd - Catharina - won $3

3rd - Basumitra - won $2.

Money are added to their accounts.

The same contest will run in January 2024, with the same rules.


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2. If other ways to handle your money are closed you may want to try PerfectMoney. If you need to load money into your PerfectMoney account I found this site to be very good:

I've started accepting PerfectMoney so, if anyone wants to buy something from me you must send funds to account U45682345 if you send  USD or E43285482 if you send EUR.

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If you need any help please use the support desk or on one of my Telegram channels: here or here.

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